First Baptist Church of Brandon

Live in:

    Deacon Pastoral Support Ministry

    Deacon Advocate Support Group


    Each deacon is assigned to a Deacon Advocate Support Group for one of our ministers/ministry areas. The purpose of each support group is to provide support and encouragement to the Ministry Team and staff of First Baptist Church.

    In addition, by understanding the vision, special ministries, and needs of our Ministry Team we become an advocate to the church membership of the overall ministry of FBC Brandon. This individual ministry support will strengthen the relationship of our Ministry Team, deacon body and congregation.

    Ministry Goals and Objectives:
      • To meet with our Ministry Team members to learn about their ministry and ministry needs.
      • To commit to pray for our Ministry Team on a regular basis, praying for protection, strength, vision, their families and ministries.
      • To be prayer partners with our Ministry Team concerning prayer needs.
      • To share with the deacon body and congregation the specific plans and needs in the each area of our church ministry.

    Lord’s Supper


    The Lord’s Supper is an ordinance of our church. The Lord’s Supper is an act of worship and commitment in obedience to the teaching of Christ. The symbolism of the death of Christ for our sins expresses the dignity and value of this act.

    Ministry Goals and Objectives:
      • To serve the Lord’s Supper.
      • To collect the Benevolence Offering following the Lord’s Supper.
      • To clean up the Sanctuary following the Lord’s Supper.