First Baptist Church of Brandon

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    Music and Worship Ministry Home

    "Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord all the earth." Psalm 96:1

    Mission Statement: Create an environment for people to have a life-altering encounter with God and empower musicians to create that environment.

    The arts are a vital part of church, and worship is a foundational part of the four purposes of church (discipleship, evangelism/missions, service, fellowship). God has gifted musicians with talents that can make an enormous impact on the lives of people. It is in using those abilities in service to Him that we find our ultimate satisfaction and purpose. If you have been gifted musically or simply desire to serve in a choir or ensemble, we hope you will discover the opportunities that exist for musicians at FBC Brandon.

    “Children, don't drag your feet in this! God has chosen you to take your place before Him to serve in conducting and leading worship - this is your life work; make sure you do it well." 2 Chronicles 29:11 (The Message)